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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Info and feedback

A friend of mine spent a lot of time as patient expert working on this standard for Ontario.

Essentially it’s a formula for patients and healthcare practitioners to guide them to get care for this problem.


Part of the reasoning is that Canada has an unusually high rate of hysterectomy. Also, patient care is very inconsistent for this illness.

It’s in it’s draft form which means you can read it and offer feedback and advice.


Her frustrations where that barriers to care weren’t acknowledged. She like me had a hard time convincing anyone that there was something wrong. How HMB becomes normalized because you are told over and over “it’s just your period.”

Oddly, as a patient expert she didn’t work on the patient draft. The meetings were only for the clinical draft, and the patient draft is basically a “Coles notes” version (if anyone remembers what is). It’s apparently suppose to be read together. I haven’t read the patient version yet, but have spent a bit of time with the Clinical version.

What you say will actually allow for change. So please read and add feedback. It will help patients.

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