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Whaaaaaatcha got cookin’? Anyone making good stuff today? If you’re cooking, baking, looking for a new yummy recipe, looking to share a new yummy recipe, here’s your food thread.

I’m meal planning for this week and, dear god, I’m soooo happy the weather’s cooler. We can cook on the stove top and not die of heat stroke! We can use the oven and the whole house won’t be warm for, like, three days!


Plans for this week include:

A baked potato dinner (yum! We only do this a few times a year, but I love it; we’ll have broccoli and salad on the side, maybe some veg. sausage)

My take on Carino’s skilletini: I saute up some garlic, onion, peppers, and a bit of tomato in EVOO in a cast iron skillet. Toss in some cooked spaghetti and marinara (not too much), top with a fair amount of freshly shredded parm and throw the whole thing in the oven (350) for about 20 minutes. Enough to let the cheese melt and the edges get a lil crunchy. Yum!

My favorite veggie pot pie recipe; I don’t think I really change a thing in this recipe, except I drape the pie crusts in two loaf pans, put half the filling in each, then fold the sides of the pie crust over the top. This way I can freeze one of the pies for later without the filling pouring out. It reheats really beautifully and those loaf pan size pies are perfect for Homey and I to get a couple dinners out of them. It works out nicely for the two of us.


Finally, I’ll be making a big ol’ pot of Nava Atlas’s curried lentil, potato, and cauliflower soup. I’ve been making this soup for, like, 20 years and it’s always the best. Really flavorful and satisfying. (Don’t let the photo at the link deter you—mine doesn’t look like that but, even if it did, it’s still super yummo).

Oh! And! Since there’s a lot of overlap between the pot pie and the soup ingredients, you can do what I do and prepare them both the same day. It’s one massive day of chopping, but it makes the rest of the week pretty easy.


Me, eating all week:


How about you guys? Anyone else doing meal planning today? Anyone else have some good recipes to share?

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