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This was prompted by the "How many times will you see your parents before they die?" article at the top of the main page, but is slightly off that specific topic. I've been thinking about this a bit lately. Helicopter/cotton-wool parents aren't really a popular topic of discussion for their offspring, as said offspring tend to be as much subject to derision as the parents. Is anyone here prepared to own up to having had them, and what impact if any you think it had on you?

My experience was, I'd say, pretty typical. My mother was brought up by very distant, emotionally undemonstrative and stern parents, who gave her way too much responsibility much too young, so she overcompensated wildly in the other direction when she had spawn of her own. My siblings and I were totally bundled in cotton wool as kids, and had varying degrees of success in "cutting the apron strings" as adulthood happened. I, fairly predictably, ran completely off the rails once I escaped the household, and got into a whole lot of cliched trouble, flunked out of college, etc, etc, before getting my shit together. But I become embarrassedly silent when people talk derisively about the useless offspring of helicopters, because I WAS THAT YOUNG ADULT WHOSE OVER-INVOLVED MOTHER TRIED TO GET THE UNIVERSITY TO EXPUNGE HER SPAWN'S DESERVEDLY POOR ACADEMIC RECORD. There was a Lifetime Movie type scene one night, full of yelling and slamming doors and bratty recriminations, where I think the loltastic statement "The reason I'm such a failure is because you never wanted me to be a success so I'd always rely on you to solve my problems" actually did come forth from my lips, and then I moved interstate for quite a while and didn't come back until I'd learned how to be a motherfucking adult, for years at a time.


I should stress I've got my shit together and am a functioning adult now, just one with a slightly strained relationship with her mother. And she's recently started having some therapy and guided discussions about her childhood, and is starting to cautiously entertain the possibility that her upbringing might have fucked her up just a tiny little bit.

Is anyone else prepared to admit to having slightly over-reaching parents? How was it for you, and how are things between you now?

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