Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My lifelong conservative Republican uncle, who has a long history of trying to bait me into political arguments and then chuckling like he's won something when I get frustrated, is on facebook arguing FOR the Affordable Care Act, criticizing our psychotic religious conservative state government, and standing up for the working poor, children, and the elderly. He has gradually been mellowing out since he retired, but I would never have anticipated this sort of turn-around. When it was first passed, and literally every time I heard him talk about it before this, he would shake his head and roll out the doomsday predictions in a "They don't have any idea what they've done to us/this country," theme.

It's getting pretty hilarious because one of his buddies is in the mix with some all-caps internet-screaming, and my uncle just told him to "Hang in there, buddy." I'm totally using that.


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