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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hell is other parents

Well, not really hell, but still.

A good friend of mine went to her son's kindergarten mixer last night, and many of the other parents commented on that fact that her son has mostly female friends. They made comments like "I think your son likes my daughter" and "am I gonna have to watch out for him?" Stupid shit, because people are stupid.


Anyway, she posted on the Facebook this morning about how irritating it was and how she almost felt defensive about it, but didn't want to be aggressive because these are her son's friends' parents, so she doesn't want to alienate them. I had no advice other than "people are annoying and I hate them." But I thought some of you wonderful people might have some suggestions for a way she could respond if people make an issue out of her son's friendship tendencies that would be helpful.

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