I need to bitch about something I think is stupid. Little GV has this awesome little friend, let's call her K. Little and K screwed up at the end of the last school and K's mom couldn't find K after the two girls diverted from their expected route. Little received consequences, but I didn't freak because kids screw up, though I took it seriously. As long as they learn from it I'm not going to act like a cop, though.

K's mom decided that Little is a Bad Influence and that they couldn't have contact outside school. She never bothered to tell me. She indicated that everything was square and then tells her daughter about this new rule and her daughter has to tell mine. I don't appreciate a game of telephone.

Fast forward to last week when Little lets me know that they want to have a sleepover here. I'm totally fine because I love this girl and she's always welcome. I'm happy that they're able to be close friends again. So, here's the stupid part: we live 4 blocks from school and Little GV walks to and from. It's a very populous area during those times and it's broad daylight. I'm extremely protective and I'm fine with it. I've been asked to pick them up from school because K's mom basically doesn't trust Little and this sleepover is a "test" of Little to make sure she is trustworthy. These are Little's words (not sure if that's what K's mom said and K passed along to Little). It will take me longer to get down to the school in the after-school traffic than it would take them to walk back to our house.

I'm super-pissed about this whole thing because this woman never communicated to me and seems to hold her daughter blameless in the whole "incident" from last year. K worships Little to some degree and K's mom seems to think that she was blindly following Little. Little is impulsive and likely had the idea to divert, but K was perfectly happy to go along. In my head, one kid needs consequences for her impulsivity and the other might need some consequences for not evaluating a situation for herself and electing not to participate (don't be a follower).

I have written so many snarky texts to this woman in my head, but I don't want to start drama. I did text to ask her if it's ok to take the girls to see The Hobbit tomorrow night. If I don't hear back I'm taking them. I've already seen one mom kill a friendship between her son and Little because she was embarrassed by her own behavior and cut ties with me. I don't want Little to lose another friend because of weirdo parents.