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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hell of a start to the day

Tw: death, funerals

I just told my youngest about his classmate passing away. watching his face crumple as he understood what I was saying... heartbreaking. As it turns out, my 12 Year old knew the boy who died, too. MMany tears have been shed this morning.


II asked them if they wanted to go to the wake to say goodbye, and they said yes. MMy little guy said he wants to go and tell the boy's mom that he was nice, funny, and a good friend and give her a hug because she doesn't have any other kids to hug her now. (yeah... that's where i lost it, too.) I have a feeling that going to this wake is going to be incredibly hard, but II also think it's better if they go.

Hell of a thing to happen. His poor mother.

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