Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hella Happy with HoneyHeart

Alright, y'all—everyone here knows how much we love good news. So here's your chance to share something(s) that made you happy recently and/or read about other folks' good news!

I'll start:

1) Today, a student I just met Tue. stayed after class to talk about books for half an hour. He said, You seem like somebody who has really good taste in books. Aw!


2) A big, beefy footballer type guy started to do a feminist critique of the new TMNT movie, like, 3 seconds after I finished explaining feminist theory!! And it was a damn good feminist reading!

3) I took HomeyHeart out for dinner and we had a very nice chat. :)

4) It's cooled down a ton and I'm hanging out on the porch, watching my cat watch bunnies and birds.


Ok, now it's your turn! What's going well in your life right now?

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