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Helllllooooooo, Friday! (AM OT)

Good morning and happy Friday! How was your week? And how’s your weekend lookin’?

So, I woke up early, early, early. I had a big, fat cat meowing outside my door, lookin’ for love early, early, early this morning. :P And yet now I sit alone on the couch. Bastard cat!


But, getting up early means I’ll have time to make myself breakfast and maybe stop for a fancy coffee on the way in. And I’m done by 1 pm today and Homey’s off today, so maybe a romantic lunch date is in order. :)

Tomorrow, I’ve got yoga and tickets to see David Sedaris (woot!) and Sunday needs to be about cleaning house. It’s finally starting to feel kind of springlike here so some spring cleaning sounds just about right.

Anyway, how about y’all?

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