Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello All! Let Me Swoon For A Minute (Open Thread For Swooning)

I had an awesome weekend with the boyfriend. Since it was a holiday, we actually got more than two days to spend time with each other. We planned on making it memorable because we don't get to see much of each other due to the semi-distance relationship.

This weekend though, we totally got closer and I was super vulnerable with him, as he was with me, and I felt our relationship just hit this amazing, awesome level. I've been with him for two years and we both love each other but this weekend we said all the ways we love each other and I was pleasantly surprised at some of his reasons (HE SAID I MADE HIM LOVE CATS!! I'M GOING TO MARRY THIS MAN!!)


Anyways, I feel completely, undeniably, totally head-over-heels with this man and I felt this HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. I can finally stop waiting for the other shoe to drop because it's not going to. I'll admit that I've held back (because of my previous track record) despite the fact that we get along, we never fight and we have the same taste in a lot of things. I can also admit that I didn't realize that until now.
And I did love him before. It's just now...maybe someone else can explain what I mean. What I can say is that this is my ideal, perfect relationship (aside for the distance thing) and I am truly happy.

That's all.

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