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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello Americans! I'm in your country!

Bethesda, Maryland, to be exact. I’m here for the Small Press Expo (indie comics! so many indie comics!!) and then I’m heading to New York for ten days.

I haven’t been to America since I drove through Michigan, Minnesota, and North Dakota on my way from Ontario to Alberta a few years ago, and these are my impressions so far:

  • Flying over the White House and the Washington Monument was pretty cool. I felt like I was in Scandal (which I just started watching and am almost through season two) and then I saw a guy on the Metro who looked very similar to David. I imagined that everyone was working Very Important Government Jobs.
  • The tv theme continued on my walk to the hotel this morning as I passed all those restaurants and stores that have previously only existed in commercials for me. TJ Maxx!! Five Guys!! Marshals!! Target (the real one—not that fake loser version that they tried out in Canada for a while)!!!
  • It’s hot. I moved back to Alberta for a reason, and it was to avoid this weather.
  • I remember Americans being friendlier than I’ve seen so far. I guess I inflated your friendliness compared to ours in my memory.
  • Lay’s Salt and Vinegar potato chip bags are a different colour here. They didn’t have any big ones at 7-11 so I got some Herr’s. We’ll see how this turns out.

I have a day before I leave for New York to see stuff in DC—I’m thinking Smithsonian is at the top of my list, and that big Lincoln memorial statue. Any other recommendations? And recommendations for best way to get to New York from here?

PS: I miss my dog.

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