I got lash extensions so that you don’t have to (unless you want to).

So as I mentioned last week, my friend asked me to come in and model for lash extensions and I agreed. So I decided to take a couple of (not so good) pictures to show you a bit of before and after.

So these are my eyes from last night, right before bed as you can tell from the puffiness. And yes, I have one slightly wonky eye and the scar on my nose was from having the chickenpox when I was 6.

Before lashes from my awesome friend.


And these are right after I got home, sitting in a car with no AC in baking hot traffic.


It’s definitely noticeable from further away and actually looks like I have on eyeliner and mascara.

After lashes by said awesome friend!


First off, I love them and I do feel fancier looking with them on. I always feel kinda like Snuffleupagus when I put on the strips of falsies, but I really can’t feel my extensions on my face. I was afraid they’d obstruct my vision a bit, but I haven’t noticed any difference aside from just consciously knowing they are there.

Some things I learned for your first eyelash extension experience:

Go in with clean eyes, clean clean clean. Make sure they are free of oils and skip a day of eye cream. If you wear contacts, you will have to take them out, so go in with glasses if you can.


It might feel a little weird, and it is really hard to keep your eyes closed naturally without some twitching and fluttering when you’re awake, especially when just on the other side is a bright light for your lash tech to see with. So you just have to relax and try to settle your eyes as much as possible and embrace the orange light.

The taping down of your lower lids does feel slightly irritating. That could just be me, but after a while the irritation did go away.

Your eyes will water, it’s only natural. Don’t worry about it ruining the process, but also don’t be a hero about it if your eyes well up too much to finish. Everyone has a different tolerance for eye stuff.


When you are done your eyes will probably be red and irritated a bit from the lash glue, but that goes away after a couple of minutes. Just sit up, dab any tears, and let the small fan blow for a couple of seconds to help the glue dry.

Keep your eyes from getting wet for a full 24 hours! The glue needs to cure! After 24 hours, you can go back to your regular cleansing routine so long as anything that comes near the eye is oil free.

If, like me, you’re a big fan of double cleansing, you can still do the oil cleanse step, but use a towel to wipe it off and follow with your foam cleanser in the same fashion, avoiding the eyes. Once that’s rinsed off, you can save the eyes for last.


When they are wet, use a clean spoolie to comb through and fan them out again. That’s as much as you’ll ever really need to do to maintain them.

They will fall out naturally starting around 3-4 weeks. Everything is a factor here: your body chemistry, oil production on your face, how rough you get with them when washing, etc.

Oil free makeup, no exceptions! Mascara and eyeliner is fine, but it must be oil free and 100% no to waterproof anything. Your lashes will already be pretty and long anyway, but old mascara habits die hard. Just be sure whatever cleanser you use is oil free.


I don’t know how other people can control their unconsciousness but try not to smush them in your sleep. Maybe build yourself a cool fort of pillows to keep from rolling over? I dunno, I think that advice is silly.

I will update this post if my friend sends me her before and after shots (added!), and I’ll update periodically as they fall out.