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UPDATED: I tried the Salmon dish. It took me 2 hours (35 minutes, my ass). I set off my fire alarm, got grease all over my cute outfit, and forced myself to eat veggies I don't like. It came out looking pretty though!

As a single lady who enjoys her junk food, I am not the best at cooking myself meals. Why cook, I say to myself, when there is a plethora of both fast food and nice restaurants within walking distance?!


Well, I guess there are several reasons not to eat out every day: my health, the $$$, enduring almost two weeks of hospital food, the photos of great home cooked meals posted on GT...just to name a few.

So I decided to give Hello Fresh a try. I got a coupon for $40 off my first order in my Glossybox or Birchbox or one of those makeup subscription boxes. And at first, I was like, what a deal! But I've quickly found out they offer $40 off to everyone on their first week (sly, since it made everyone think their beauty box was worth SO MUCH MOAR that month, when it wasn't).

Anyway, I tried it out for one week, this week, and decided to make a video of me unboxing my meals and my first impressions. I still haven't cooked anything yet (though I have the salmon defrosting to try tonight, fingers crossed, though it's 5:30pm and I'm already feeling lazy).

Video below if you want to see my thoughts! Also, has anyone else tried out a similar service? I see the ads for Blue Apron all the time on Jezebel/Gawker.


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