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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello friends! Answer these questions.

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This might or might not be fun. 1. What’s the last program you binged watched? 2. What is the one place you’ve wanted to visit that you haven’t visited yet? 3. What is your biggest pet peeve right now? 4. What kinds of imaginative worlds did you have as a kid? 5. If you had to swap lives with an animal—all choose your adventure style, what would it be?


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1. I think I watched this show “Blood Battle Blockade” and I also watched three episodes of Humans, which might count as a mini-binge 2. I would like to go on the TransSiberian Train across Russia 3. I hate it when I think something is superimportant and I just want someone to get back to me but they are all lacksidasical and maybe call back the next day or the next week. That’s my own anxiety 4. This is on my mind because my four year old niece says she’s twelve and has a boyfriend named Connor and supposedly they are gonna kiss and are engaged. It doesn’t sound elaborate but she is deadly serious. As for me, I had a cow puppet, who I said was an alien bear named Growly. I originally wanted to name him Horny because of his horns but my mom wouldn’t let me and wouldn’t tell me why. My professor in my Master’s program thought it was fun how I went from the libidinal to the aggressive, naming him from my id. 5. I’d be a tortoise because I’d live extra long and probably could get a lot more done.

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