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Hello Friendsies~ Job Help Plz!

Hey everyone! I really need additional part time work. I'm not making ends meet as-is, and my current workplace has devolved into a toxic wasteland. Does anybody know of part-time and/or odd jobs in the NYC area? Or ones that can be done via telecommute?

Ideally I'd love a writing gig, but I don't have a lot of professional writing experience. I had some journalism training in college and freelanced for the alumni magazine, but most of my post-grad stuff is Powder Room writing and my own fiction/poetry. I'd say my most marketable writing skills are transcription, editing, and research.*


Right now I bar tend, and I'm damn good at it because I'm damn good at customer service. I've worked a bar, I've been a cashier and counter girl, I've worked in a complaint department, I've done babysitting and camp counseling and employee training.

The biggest thing I require in my job is flexibility due to my writing and acting career. If anyone knows any leads on job opportunities, please please let me know!

*If anyone can provide tips on how to break into the copy writing business I'd be eternally grateful

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