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Hello from my bathroom

I need advice on outdoor cats. I will get to why I am hiding in my own bathroom in a minute.

Backstory: I am renting a room in a house along with another grad student. The owner of the house used to live here, but moved to California at the end December. She left her cat behind with an automatic food and water dispenser and no instruction, but that’s another story for another time.


The cat spends most of its time outdoors. Lately, it’s new favorite place to hang out is the roof. The first time I saw it on the roof, I let it back in through the window because I thought it was stuck. Since then, I have learned that it is able to get down on its own. It has done so several times. The other night, around 11pm, someone started ringing our doorbell constantly. My roommate and I met in the hallway, all “WTF is going on?” I answered the door with trepidation, half expecting a murderer to be on the other side (although I suppose a murderer wouldn’t ring the doorbell, but I am in the Midwest, so who knows). It was a neighbor alerting us that the cat was on the roof. I told them it was no big deal, it has been going up there every day and it knows how to get down. My roommate and I went upstairs and let it in through the window and they yelled “Thanks!” from the street down below.

Cut to half an hour ago. I was watching Netflix in bed after work and was half asleep. I heard the doorbell ring. I was in that state where I was asleep, but also aware of what was happening and just did not care to get up, so I didn’t. But then it kept ringing and ringing. I woke up, but realized it was probably the same person, as they were ringing the doorbell in the exact same way. I decided to just ignore it until they went away because I didn’t feel like having another awkward conversation about the cat. Also, since we know it can get down itself, my roommate and I decided not to keep letting it in through the window. I’ve never had a cat, but from what I understand from friends who do, they are kind of assholes and once you give into them, they expect you to always give into them. That has been working just fine for the past week. I often see the cat on the roof when I get home from work, but it comes down in the evening to be let inside to eat.


So anyway...they are ringing continuously and then furiously knocking. I kept waiting for them to give up, but they didn’t. The only light in the house that is on is the one in my room, but maybe I’m not home and I forgot to turn off the light. I figure they will realize no one is home and give up. It eventually stops and I relax. But then they started throwing snowballs at my window. It had been going on so long, I felt like answering at that point would be even more awkward. So I grabbed my iPad, crawled out my door, ran down the stairs, and am now hiding in the downstairs bathroom, the only room in the house with no windows.

I think they are gone now, but I’m afraid to look. So instead, I’m sharing my weird story with you. Should I be concerned about the cat going on the roof? There’s really nothing I can do about it. While I like animals, I’m annoyed I even have to deal with this cat, because it’s not mine and no one asked me to.


Also, I have learned my lesson and will just answer the door next time like a normal human being. But for now, I’ll stay in the bathroom for a little while longer.

UPDATE: My roommate just got home and found a note stuck to our door that reads “Your cat is on the roof!”

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