Many thanks to Slaybelle and the mods for deeming me squalorific enough to warrant posting privileges.I am really more excited about this than I thought I would be.

So instead of me boring you silly with my inane personal information, I am going to tell you about my favorite artist, one of whose songs inspired my screen name:Peter Gabriel.

Gabriel was a founding member and one of the lead singers of Genesis.In their heyday as a progressive rock band, Genesis gained attention for their live shows, in which Gabriel would don costumes and makeup related to the song being performed.Though evidently a rather shy person, he embraced the theatricality of his stage image.

After parting ways with Genesis, Gabriel released the first of his three self titled albums in 1977.(These albums are usually referred to either by number or by the image shown on the cover.) The opening song is titled (surprise) "Moribund the Burgermeister", a lament narrated by a medieval village official witnessing a strange plague moving through his town.This song was also the B side of the first single, "Solsbury Hill"; the songs make an interesting contrast, for while "Solsbury Hill" is a lively, forward looking song, "Moribund the Burgermeister" is dark and rather creepy, carrying over Gabriel's penchant for creating different personas for his songs.Often he is lyrically obscure and can be puzzling to the casual listener.

If you have not heard much of his music, or haven't heard it for a long time, go find a copy of one (or all) of his albums."So" is his most well known album, since it was the most commercially successful, but my personal favorite is his third album (with the arresting "Melt" image on the cover). It's a fairly dark collection, with Gabriel assuming the voices of an assassin, an amnesiac, and a stalker.By and large he is not one for love songs (ironically enough considering that the lovely "In Your Eyes" is possibly his most well known song).

TL:DR; my screen name is from a song by Peter Gabriel, who is awesome and you should check him out.


Bonus: a video of Gabriel with Genesis in full prog rock mode. Assuming it doesn't get eaten by Kinja.

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