Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hello GT! I just now realized...

I HAVE POSTING PRIVILEGES! I am le dumb sometimes.

So, in honor of this newly-acquired status, I thought I should introduce myself a bit. I live in the Chicagoland area, lived here most of my life. Went to college out of state and lived for a bit in Dublin. Life goal: make it back to Dublin permanently.


I taught middle school for more than a decade, a few years in an urban setting and few year in a suburban setting. I walked away two years ago to pursue something that didn't make my heart hurt. I work part time in admin at a local University and part time in event planning at an Arboretum. I do some styling work, for friends, on the side.

I can expound exponentially about the following topics: otters, John Cusack, crock-pot cooking, Gilmore Girls, the beauty of Gabriel Macht's face, West Wing and perfectness of Leslie Knope's reaction shots.


So, thanks for letting me lurk and engaging in discussions with me and thanks for rolling out the Welcome Mat.

Also, you're welcome:

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ETA: I am having lovely, lengthy conversations on already existing threads that are not showing up when I view the post. Did I break KINJA? If so, apologies in advance.

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