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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hello, GT, It's been a while

Hello, lovely internet friends. Tis me, Everything Is Shiny. Life has been more than a bit crazy with family stuff, job stuff (I got paid to go to Peru! I got robbed in Peru! I helped a reforestation project in Peru! And now I’m back to barista-ing), relationship stuff, housing stuff. Not all bad, not all good, just life.

I am finding myself in need of advice. I’m sorry to come off as one of those friends who only shows up when she needs something, but here we are.


Boyperson and I have been together for a while now, I adore him, he’s amazing, and I don’t want him to go anywhere. However. He has a friend I *detest*. She says that fat people don’t deserve respect because we clearly don’t respect ourselves (she shared some garbage think piece and refused to comprehend my actual rebuttals to her argument) and during #freekesha stated that her producer is “innocent until proven guilty” and that assuming Kesha is telling the truth is wrong. Especially since “she is the worst thing to happen to music in a decade.” Cause, you know, that’s relevant.

Because Boyperson is a good human, he obviously understands why all this is shit. And is legit distressed that his good friend has these awful views. And has tried to talk to her about them (to no avail. She’s just that awful).


I’m having a truly awful time reconciling his continued friendship in *any* capacity with a person who 1) thinks I don’t deserve respect (I’m a size 14 and fuck you for saying I don’t respect myself) and 2) parrots the views of people who told me I probs wasn’t raped because I didn’t report it and and that’s the only way that a rapist can be a *real* rapist. He’s distanced himself from her quite a bit. He’s not okay with these views, and is truly distressed. Is it fair of me to want him to cut her out of his life completely? I’m so uncomfortable even seeing her comment on stuff on his facebook.

Love, Shiny

(I am hoping my copious amounts of Noodle pictures on Fur Face Friday mean you all forgive my absence)

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