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Hello GT!

This is a quick post- I'm not at home no my phone makes for a difficult post writing medium. So, it's my Saturday off ain't nothin' on the teevee and The Boy Heathen is at work. Not wanting to just sit around the homestead I gather myself up and head down the the local B&N for some browsing and a cuppa.

I have also recently YouTube taught myself to knit- so I have brought you wip with me; people watching, poncey coffee and knitting seems like a good way to kill an hour or so. I'm making a big squishy rainbow colored brioche cowl. Fun!


Or not fun. I'm used to the craft in public bingo, but I just sort of got into a snippy fight type thing with another human at Barnes and Noble.

Him: oh neat! What are you knitting?

Me: rainbow brioche cowl. Super excited for it to get cold again!

Him: But Pride month was last month.

Me: this isn't for Pride month, it's for cold months. Brioche is pretty warm- I certainly wouldn't want to wear it in June in Atlanta! (Keeping it light)

Him:(weird non sequitur) Are you even gay? I'm so sick of straights stealing all our symbols and culture.

Me: I'm very sorry. I guess. I'm moving to another chair now.

I'm an ally to LGBTQ causes. I march with my friends, and am politically active for women's and LGBTQ issues, and shut down homophobic language I hear irl and generally try to be a good ally - and not a "But I have gay friends!" Sort of asshole. I'm also a straight lady who loves rainbows (I used on be a Lisa Frank or bust kind of kid) Also, also I'm a funeral professional who grabs color in clothing where I can.


But now I'm worried that I'm appropriating a symbol of ought not. What do you guys think?

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