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Hello! Halloween Costume Question

It's October, which means I need to help my kids get their costumes together. Both of my daughters are really into Monster High, so they want to dress up as Monster High characters. My youngest wants to be Frankie, who looks like this.

Easy enough.

My oldest is 6. She wants to be Catty Noir. Catty looks like this.


Catty is a black cat. My daughter is very white.

We had a brief conversation about black face and that it is not nice. I don't really think this costume would be black face, but it skirts too close to it for comfort, not to mention that when the make up is applied to my daughter, it would definitely look like old timey black face.

So. I told my daughter that we would not be painting her skin like Catty's. I did tell her that we could do a cat mask on her eyes and glam up the eyebrow makeup and match the dress.

Is that ok? Also, any tips on age appropriate ways to talk to a child about racist costumes? We talked about how painting light skin dark is a way that many people try to make people with skin different from ours to feel bad (this is awkward phrasing because I am phrasing it the way I explained to her). We then talked about how it is ok to use the costume without darkening her skin.


Sorry this is awkward and weird. I'm just trying to do the right thing. Thanks for any advice you have!

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