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Hello I had a crap day and now I'm RIPPED

Ripped meaning rip roarin' drunk! Off of some cheapo Barefoot Bubbly. And I'm eating some delicious food and will have some Hello Panda for dessert.

Ladies and gents, what is your favorite 'I had a crap day so now I'm gonna drink/eat' goodness?


Please to forgive if this sounds insane. I normally don't mind my job but i can't stand inconsiderate people and my bosses for this job are TERRIBLE. They do not know how to manage other people.

So yea, what numbs the hideous pain of a terrible day at work? Foodstuffs, drink, whatever.

But please do not tell me how awesome your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever is at cheering you up with the talking/sex times/whatnot. I'm in a dry spell and that'll just depress me.

More bubbly is in order.

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