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Hello, I have been drinking and want to tell you about...

how much I fucking love my best friend! We have been friends since we were 11, and fully confirmed Best Friends since we were 17 (7+ years ago). We went through a really rough patch with her ragey drinking and my judgey pants-about-her-life-choices-and-more-money-than-me, but we have come out the other side such a strong duo. We are also basically bound to each other through our secrets, if one of us broke rank and spilled, we would have to kill the other hahahaha (not sure if I'm kidding!).

She is in a committed long term relationship, and I am very much not. She understands that I occasionally find a person I want to be with, but otherwise I don't really care for being partnered up. I know that she wants to get married and have babies asap (and I also understand what that means for my potential future role in her life).

We live in opposite ends of town and are both somewhat recluse at this time of year. Right now most of our friendship revolves around us sending articles about feminist topics to each other and discussing them. A few years years ago she would not have identified as a feminist. However, a combination of readings I directed her to and thinking and reading she did on her own has led her to very much identify as feminist. I get to have these wonderful intellectual conversations that I rarely get to have outside of queer womens' groups.


She is also writing a novel right now! I get to participate in the second round of editing because she feels as though I will give her constructive criticism instead of just fluffy feedback (...which is accurate) and I can't wait because I know it's going to be brilliant.

I want to hear about your awesome best friends! (I also have more than one best friend because I am the most lucky and have multiple wonderful people in my life. So tell me about one of them or all of them!)

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