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Hello insomnia my old friend

I have a very bad back. And insomnia. And restless leg syndrome. Tonight these three delightful conditions coalesced into the perfect storm.

1. I am out of sleeping pills

2. I have a deep ache from my tailbone to my toes

3. My legs are so twitchy, I can't relax properly

4. I'm also out of my normal painkillers and I only have my painkillers for nerve pain. Since I am still in pain, this is obviously not nerve pain.


5. It's fucking cold again, which doesn't help at all.

I'm super annoyed about all of this because I had an appointment with my dietician today that I really needed and I had to cancel. I don't know if she'll see me again because she warned me about cancelling at the last minute. Also, because she works for a government-funded program, it's usually between 1-3 months of waiting time.

I'm annoyed with my body for its inability to sleep and be pain-free. I'm annoyed with my brain for forgetting to refill my prescription this morning. I'm annoyed that I can't even sit still while writing this; that's how twitchy my legs are. I don't know what tweaking actually looks like, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing a fairly good imitation.

Anyone else up/in a different time zone? Anyone else with twitchy parts that make it hard to do stuff? Or just talk about whatever in the comments. Yaaaay.

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