Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hello Kinja

A post by a Clashtalker got me thinking aka regarding the vibe of GT and I just wanted to use the opportunity to say hello to everyone looking for a place to chill, to talk about stupid and mundane things, geeking out about random stuff and also helping fellow community members in distress.
We’ve got a lot covered between GT, The Salad Bowl and also Backtalk (the Cat sub as I like to call it) for Clashtalkers looking for a new home.

I still find it disturbing what happened and whoever made that decision shouldn’t think that the Kinja subs are some random unconnected satellites and that we don’t care what happens to an old and established sub. So while three subs are not a true substitute for a internet home, I hope some of you either drop by from now and then or even decide to stay wherever you like.


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