Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've been newly minted as an Author(ess) in GT world. Special thanks to Mewsea. Sooo as my first post I'd like to talk about my love of documentaries and how that love sent me down a path on a Saturday that ended in a little film called Children Underground. My I say that I do not in anyway recommend watching this film. I cannot stop thinking about it, I cannot get the images out of my brain, I cannot stop wondering what has happened to Cristina and Macarena. This is not to say that this film was not excellent, I found it to be quite illuminating and so well presented that it captures your heart almost immediately.

For those who have not seen this film it takes place in Bucharest in 2001, the film maker follows a group of young people (ages 8-16) and relays to the viewer the daily lives of these children who live in the tunnel systems of the subway. It also provides some back story so that you are able to see the path that led these children to live in this way.


This all began with a little doc called "The Wild and Wonderful Whites", which led to "Bully", and "The Aryan Brotherhood" (which was just shit, uninformative, sensationalist, and light on facts, pfft). Anyone see any of these films? Share some thoughts. Or as the they say now Discuss...

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