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Hello, My Name is Nervous McNervyson

tl;dr: new job, nervous, glad it isn't something worse, trying to leave anxiety in the mists of the interwebz.

Internet StrangerFriends, I'm starting a new job today. I haven't worked retail in almost 20 years though I've been doing customer service my entire career, and I'm actually nervous. I didn't expect this and it's weird. I'll probably be the oldest person there, which isn't a huge thing, but it's a new experience. I haven't walked into work, even a new job, without knowing what I'm going to be doing in a very long time.

<whine> There's also the fact that this is a survival job that I may be at for a year or more. I'm focusing on the positives to distract me from the fact that I've been working in a professional field for the last 10+ years, mostly 8a5p. </whine> The people seem really cool and I'm not worried about being a noob and messing up here and there, they seem forgiving. As long as I pick things up quickly and pull my weight nobody will mind. I'll be on my feet most of the time, which is better than sitting on my couch. I like working with younger people and the energy they bring and I think the near-generational difference will probably be funny at times. I don't have to deal with the level of responsibility that I used to. It isn't working in a department store (it's office supply). It's walking distance from my house. It's part-time and Mr GV and I decided I won't get a second part-time job unless it was a few set hours per week. Finally, there are way worse jobs out there that I don't have to do and I don't think it will be soul-crushing.


I just needed to get this out so I won't be quite so nervous. I already whined to Mr GV last night (he's asleep now, anyway).

Thanks for listening, GT.

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