Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Remember me? Your resident purple-haired fangirly derby lovin’ Torontonian? Well, I’m back and I hope to be more Kinjaly active!


I’ve been loving the Pan Am games! Okay, so I don’t live or work downtown and I’m not a commuter, but it was really cool. I saw lots of athletes out and about - today there were some playing tourist in the Distillery - and I went to an awesome Volleyball game where I met Pinball Clemmons. Such a ridiculously nice man. I’m really looking forward to the ParaPanAms - we’ve got a strong Canadian team going.

I’ve been NSOing quite a bit and 2 weeks ago, I learned how to jam time! I’m going to apply to be an official official for ToRD for the upcoming season. I don’t know when Fresh Meat will start, so I’m focusing on NSOing for now and being awesome in my pink shirt. My NSO name is Killer Cosima, which no one can say properly but whateves. #CloneClub4eva.

I finally did the undercut/shaved head thing! I ended up going to emerg because I had weird chest pains but my hair looks gorgeous. I’ve got to rebleach it and repurple it though.

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AND I used a portion of my Hydro/Tax credit to get myself some gorgeous 8-eye Vogs that I’ve been lusting over.

So, tell me what I’ve missed! I have a lot of kinja to catch up on.

(I’ll post pictures of my PanAm and derby adventures in the comments if people want to see them.)

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