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Hello please pay attention to this young lady

Youtube has a type. They will randomly choose a pretty, young, kinda quirky girl and just recommend her videos to everyone. It’s why Emma Chamberlain is famous (she’s garbage). It’s why Joana Ceddia is famous (she’s cool). But for once they’ve chosen to do this with a black woman.

Her name is Jennelle Eliana, and she lives in a van with her pet snake named Alfredo.

She has only made three videos so far, but she’s awesome. Again Youtube chose her so despite only starting 1 month ago she now has 1.5 million subs. But honestly, she deserves even more. So sub to her. And also turn off your ad block when you watch her cause ffs she lives in a van (by choice, but still). Help her get paid.


Also watching this video will unlock all the videos on “van living” youtube has, so warning there.

I could not live in a van. I think the Tiny House craze is fascinating, so it’s interesting watching her (and the other people YT recommended after her) go even smaller. It’s also interesting cause I’m noticing that it’s a lot of young people doing this.


Makes me imagine a dystopian American future where we’re all living in some kind of mobile home while all the property, apartments, and houses are owned by foreign rich people. No, I’m not making this sad.

This girl is cute and funny, and what she’s doing is fascinating, so I thought I’d share.

Feel free to share your newly found youtube faves. :)

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