I’m excited to attend a Writing/Find Your Passion retreat tonight! Where is this retreat at, and who is going? Umm, it’s in my living room with an attendance of one (me). Yes, I even created myself an agenda just like a regular retreat... ‪#‎Nerd‬ ‪#‎FindingMyWay‬ ‪#‎NeverTooLateToRevisitDreams‬ ‪#‎WhoAmI‬ ‪#‎LoveIt‬

So, GT, have you ever created your own retreat? What worked, what didn’t?

Or if you’ve gone to retreats, what have you found useful? Any quizzes, questions, Ted Talks, Videos, you’d like to share with me? I’m all ears, or, um eyes!

I struggle with finding a passion and sticking to it. Remember that resume service I posted about a while ago? I bought a website, got everything ready, and then a week later fizzled out about it. Story of my life, I get passionate about something for a week or two, and then it’s gone, and I’m left bored. Not a good thing if you want to make a lasting change with your life.

PS: The Passion Planner exercise comes from here: http://www.passionplanner.com