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It's been a while. I'm terrible about posting anymore. But for those that are interested, here's a brief update.

Medical Stuff below if you're squeamish about that stuff.

I had an endometrial ablation this week. For those not familiar, here is a link on what that is. I decided to do this around October of last year, but couldn't get a combination of time from work, money, and doctor availability until now. January really solidified it for me, because I only had 8 days without a period. So I was really glad to get to this week to get the procedure done with.


To have this procedure, you have to have permanent (or semi permanent) birth control. Since I've been carrying the lion's share of the reproductive responsibilities in our relationship, I asked my husband to get a vasectomy. He agreed and had one in December. He took a long time to go test for negative sperm, but finally got back a clear report. (Incidentally, he was nervous about the test because he thought he was supposed to fill the entire urine sample cup with semen.)

I had to go to a pre-op appointment and give a urine sample (to test for pregnancy) and tell all of my medications. (This is after a consultation last year where the doctor and I decided that this was a good plan.) Then I had to go have a blood test to check for pregnancy (again) and anemia. I also had to have a MRSA test, since I had it 4 years ago (clear on all fronts!). My appointment was scheduled at the local outpatient surgery center for 7:30. That meant I had to be there by 6:30 am, with no food or drink after midnight. Fine. Then, the day before, the office called and rescheduled for 1:00. That meant I had to arrive at noon, and still, no food or drink after midnight. Grrrr! So I stayed up until midnight, drinking water and watching The Jinx so I could sleep late the next day and avoid feeling thirsty or hungry.

In the meantime, my period showed up. Of course.

So I went to the surgery center, wearing a pad and ugly sweats. We filled out paperwork and paid what we could to cover the surgery (thankfully this center allows interest free payments) and waited. Fox News was blaring in the waiting room. I kept worrying about my blood pressure, and that didn't help.


I got back, and explained to the nurse (for the 5th or 6th time) that I was actively menstruating. She said that was fine, and to just keep my pad and underwear on until it was time to roll back into the operating room. She then pulled out a urine sample cup and looked at me. "Have you been tested for pregnancy?"

"Once last week, once this week, and I have a copper IUD, my husband has a vasectomy, and I'm actively menstruating."


"I think we can skip it." She put the sample cup away.

I waited on a bed for about 40 minutes while nurses gave me an IV, asked the same questions, and generally prepared themselves for what they were about to do. Finally, they were ready to roll me back. I reminded them that I was still wearing underwear and a pad. One nurse said, "Just take off your underwear and leave the pad on."


I blinked, my husband shook his head. "That's not how it works. The pad is on the underwear." I felt like I was in a bad book. The anesthesiologist sighed and helped me pull off the underwear and pad together and threw the pad away. She was awesome, and I'm glad she was there to put me under. She gave me the "don't care" shot and they took me into the operating room. I muttered something about the Flight of the Navigator and then they asked me to slide onto the operating table. I saw a giant stirrup and slurred, "My leg's gonna go in there." That is the end of my memory.

Then I woke up. I was feeling pretty good. They gave me water (FINALLY!), and we talked about how things went. Smooth! I had to prove I could urinate, since they gave me a catheter, and then I got dressed and my husband took me home. I ate some soup, smoked a cigarette, and started cramping.


Cramping was expected. I was already crampy from my period, plus they had to dilate my cervix, put a camera in there, do a D&C, and then cauterize the lining. The cramping was on par with period cramps (but on a really bad day). I took a Percocet, then slept on the couch for hours. Once I woke up, I felt totally normal. My bleeding was nearly nonexistent.

Today is day two of staying home from work, and I'm feeling really great. No cramps, no bleeding. I am a little tired, but that could be from my messed up sleeping schedule.


The TL;DR of this is, I am only a few days out of this procedure, but I would recommend it to anyone who is interested. Feel free to ask me questions!

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