Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I have been MIA lately. My husband is working nights, my baby has been sick and I had a visit to hell (which is Plano, Texas, aka the devil's butthole) that left me pretty depressed. I am barely hanging on lately. I hope ya'll are doing ok... I need to post more because at least I am investing in something.. lately, I am just self-isolating.

I am posting today because I feel like crap. I volunteer at a thrift store on a military base. There is a woman there who is just a huge bully. She bullies me all the time and I normally put her in place. She is constantly making jabs about everyone's weight or dress size. I was putting away clothes today and said something like I am keeping my eye out for shorts and she was like.. oh what size are you? are you a... mentioned a much larger size. I am an average height and weight. I am like a size medium. I am obviously not the size she mentioned (not to make anyone feel bad about being a larger size but she was saying that size just to go on a power trip about being skinny). I am not trying to take it personally but it is hard. She has real issues that are obvious and she just makes others feel bad about themselves to make herself feel better. But it sucks. Also, I went to Old Navy to try on shorts and I left feeling like crap. Ugh. Trying on shorts is a trap!


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