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Is this where I go to complain about men?

I’ve been working on a group project with 2 dudes for a few months. The entire time, I’ve had to be the leader: getting us started, getting agendas together, scheduling shit, etc.


We finally got our stuff done a couple weeks ago. Once the project’s completed, we’re supposed to give each other feedback and write up reflections about the project. I sent out my feedback within a couple days of finishing up and I’ve been waiting for my feedback from both dudes for the last week and a half.

Last Mon., I sent out a reminder (“Guys, we need to submit our feedback, write our reflections, and send them on to X Person”). X Person emailed on Fri. (“Hi, All, you need to submit your feedback and reflections by Th., 5/19”). I thought, Cool, between my email and X Person’s email, they know they need to get their stuff done, I’m sure they’ll get it to me by Mon. so I can get my stuff in by Th.

Tuesday evening rolls around, and I still have nothing from either of them—not even an acknowledgement of my email or X Person’s.

So, I shoot out another email last night that basically said, “Hi, guys, could you please get your feedback to me so I can write my reflection? If you need help, here are the prompts I used to write my feedback. Thanks!”


Got an email back (from one of them) basically saying, “You can just reflect on the stuff we said at our last meeting.”

You know, I totally could if you guys hadn’t been so focused on each other and giving each other feedback and ignoring me. Like, you didn’t notice that neither of you had anything substantive to say to me over the course of the hour long meeting?


Also—I wrote out my feedback for you like we were supposed to! The least you could do is the bare minimum after I’ve basically held your hand and guided you through the entire project. Argh!!

TL;DR: My coworkers are lazy a-holes and I can’t do my shit b/c of it.

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