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GTrs with food issues, I could really use some input. I finally admitted to myself that I have a food addiction. I thought sugar was the main problem, but I’ll substitute crackers for cookies pretty easily, so really it’s food in general.

Where I think I need help is changing how I relate to food, that it needs to be a source of sustenance that I can enjoy, but not a source of comfort or escape. I’m going to contact my last therapist and see when I can start getting in to see her, as she works with addiction issues and I like working with her.

How do I manage the interstitial moments? When I’m not in a session or working on homework? I’m anti-12-step, but I’m open to other group modalities. I’m up for suggestions for books to read, too. I think addiction is connected to intimacy and attachment issues (in addition to the biochemical processes) and I want to learn more about it.


I’m pretty much scared shitless about tackling this, but I’m tired of this fucked up dance I’ve been doing forever and I’m worried that somehow, despite my best efforts, I’m communicating this problematic behavior to my daughter. Not to mention that I’m diabetic (Type II) and at risk for all kinds of horrible things if I can’t get this under control.

What works for you?

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