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One of my very best friends is having the worst week: she got bedbugs and broke up with her boyfriend of over a year. I am crazy busy this weekend and can't cancel anything to commiserate with her, but I want to do something sweet so she knows she's loved even though she's going through this breakup. Do any of you lovelies have suggestions?

She is a feminist, loves sweets, is allergic to nuts, a voracious reader (does not want an e-reader, ever), way super badass in a million ways... she loves Lil Bub (and his owner), so I thought about sending her something Lil Bub-related, but I don't want her to ruminate on thoughts that she'll be a single cat lady forever. (I know her. That would definitely be her thought process.)

Is a card enough? Do I send her some baked goods? What have you done for friends who are in a temporary rough spot? (I emphasize temporary, because my friend - like me! - catastrophizes everything, so I know she's probably thinking she'll be forever single.) Help!

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