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UPDATED: HELP! All The Bugs Are Eating Me!

UPDATE 7/7/15 @7:45PM: It’s not bedbugs or fleas (we checked again) and the bites don’t have the hard cap indicative of chiggers. Since I’ve been getting bites at all hours and both outside and inside (in wildly disparate locations) it looks like mosquitoes or black flies are just super prevalent this year and love me. Oddly enough, I used a sample bottle of Kim Kardashian’s True Reflection perfume today out of pure desperation, and it helped. (And it actually doesn’t smell terrible, much like Bath and Bodyworks’ Twilight Forest.)

Thank you all so much for your help! It made me feel much less like a freaky weirdo.


Original Post:

GT, I need your help.

This summer, I have been devoured by bug bites. I live the in the LA area, which traditionally does not have major issues with buggies, and I have never had an issue before, in 7 summers of being here. No one around me is being bitten, and I end up with 5 - 7 new bites A DAY. For the last six weeks.


I actually thought they were stress hives because of how swollen they were, but my doc said no, and just use bug repellent.


I have been using bug repellent (Naturepel, which is the highest rated of all repellents by Consumer Reports), and no go. I think it may actually be attracting bugs to me and it makes me smell like a terrifying thrift shop. I get bites through jeans, though shirts, under my bra, all over arms and legs, and it’s horrible. Last night I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t make itching stop, and then (thank god) I found an old Benadryl.

I’ve been using heat and hydrocortisone and Zyrtec (when not using Benadryl, of course) to ease the itch, and the only changes have been slightly less dairy and starting use of Flonase. I take a daily B12 and vitamin D supplement, I’m on the same birth control, my apartment is clean... I don’t get it.

Does anyone have any advice? I feel like a mutant crazyperson!

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