Help! My dog woke me up late in the night licking my face, which normally is her signal to go outside. This is unusual, but she did drink a lot of water right before bed.

Once outside, she trotted around for a bit and then went to go off into a little patch of grass, and then immediately hopped back out again and then refused to put any weight on her front left paw. She didn't cry out or yelp, just came back out and didn't want to put her foot down. She tried a few times, and she could run a wee bit but then I picked her up. Now she won't put it down at all, although she has extended it a few times. She doesn't seem to be in pain, although she's whined a few times, and when I put my hands on the paw itself or up and down the leg she doesn't yelp in pain, although she is licking the bejesus out of her paw. I'm thinking maybe something is dislocated or pulled? She is panting a little bit too, so shes definitely not comfortable.

So obviously she needs a vet - but does she need a vet like I need to go to the emergency vet right this second, which is half an hour away and that is really really expensive or my usual vet is open in 5 hours and I can get her in there then?

Please help!! Oh god, I'm freaking out! Ill take her to the vet now if need be but if there's any way it can wait for just a few hours it means hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

ETA: Thank you guys all so much for responding. My love for this place grows and grows and grows. You are way better than this guy's advice that I turned up on Google:

She broke her leg.
The only option now is to give her to that suspicious looking Chinese restaurant down the street.
Order the special platter in a couple days and you'll be reunited with your sweet Pookems.



Cool Dude. Someone's frantic dog post. Totally the time to be not funny/racist.