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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Help! Beauty products are complicated...

I plan on doing a general post tomorrow, but for the time being I’m doing a lot of online shopping and it’s time I do something about my face. I’ve been out of moisturizer for a while and I’m getting older (I’m 32 AH!) so I really need to get my act together. GUYS. I have lines on my forehead.

What are your beauty routines? Do you have a suggested moisturizers? I have decent skin with an oily T zone. I sweat a LOT so I don’t like heavy feeling things at all. The moisturizer I used before was a very light Sephora brand daily moisturizer. Unfortunately, I can’t go to the store in person to pick something out and I haven’t sussed out beauty products here in Argentina. Luckily, I’ve moved out of the desert into a decently humid place which has made my skin generally happier.


Help!  Any and all suggestions welcome.  I will pay in dog and cat pictures tomorrow!

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