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Help Chris Punch Cancer in the FACE!

You may know him from twitter as @yeloson or from tumblr as bankuei. He's trying to get some donations to help pay living expenses during his fight with cancer.

I've been told that Chris knows everyone on the internet! He’s prolific, intelligent, insightful, and amazingly constant and confident in his fearless truth telling.


So, let's show him some love during this difficult time.

Hi Everyone,

This April I was diagnosed with B-cell Mediastinal Lymphoma. It's a funky sub-sub-type of Lymphoma that grows quick and fast.

For about a month and a half I had been feeling pretty sick and my voice was gone for much of that time - the initial doctor's visit labeled it "post-nasal drip", well...

I was walking home from work when I suddenly passed out on the street - turns out the cancer was the size of a fist wrapped around my upper heart and pressing on several nerves in my throat. My heart rate was 125-150 a minute - laying down - I was basically jogging a marathon 24/7 just to get the blood and oxygen through my body.

I spent nearly all of April in the hospital, and am very fortunate that new science and research released that month included a chemotherapy treatment with a 97% cure rate for this type of cancer. That said, I'm going through a full 8 rounds of chemotherapy, each round being a full week in the hospital on intense drugs, with 2 weeks at home to try to recuperate between bouts.

I've been very lucky to have my sister, and several friends help me with food, car rides and home care, but I haven't been able to work since March, and things like rent and medical bills need to get paid.

Thanks for anything you can give, including well wishes and prayers.

Chris - See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundra…

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