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Help crafting a letter that permits MD to talk about medical care?

Any Medical or Social Work type Jezzies out there? I'm helping taking care of a like-family type person who is undergoing a multiply complicated medical condition. They have a family member with medical training in another state who is happy to talk to the various MDs by phone and help us with follow up. He was in town for the first surgery and is on a list of people allowed to talk to that MD, but it's become clear that several surgeons will be coordinating efforts and we need to give them all permission to talk to this guy (and maybe to me).

Everytime we've gone to an appointment (4 times last week), there has been some hiccup that made things a little chaotic. so it seems most efficient to go to the office with a form or a letter granting access. I've googled, but can only find documents related to end-of-life decisions and medical records.

Can anyone point me to a template or suggest wording??

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for suggestions. I'm sorry if the post was too vague, but I don't want to compromise the patient's privacy.


I know that Doctor's offices have their own forms, but the patient doesn't always remember to get them because the encounters with the MD are anxiety producing, I can't get them directly, and I don't live near these people. They are completely capable of making medical decisions for themselves and just need someone to help them sort through the information particularly regarding the tricky follow-up care from two different procedures. Professional patient advocates have these forms, but they are behind paywalls. sugarhill linked me to a great form which should do the trick: I can fax it to the various MDs. THANKS.

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