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Help explaining to a toddler

So my parents have moved, too far for me to walk to. I am grateful the helping them pack is over. Here’s the problem. I’ve been visiting them multiple times a week forever, with my kiddo in tow. My dad wasn’t in the best of health, having had open heart surgery, forced retirement, and some depression because of that, and we helped him out while my mom ran errands, worked, etc. when she was home, we’d hang out with dad while she did little stuff around the house. She obviously visited a lot too. They are my daughter’s favorite people, and she expects to go there a lot. So now that they’ve moved, she’s climbing into her stroller and shouting “nana! Grandpa!” To the point of frenzied meltdown. I try to redirect- they aren’t home, let’s go for a walk, how about the sandbox, FaceTime, etc, but, umm, no. I’m sure eventually she’ll get over it, but any idea on how to explain this to a kid who has spent her whole life visiting these people who adore her in a barely 2 way that will make this a bit more understandable? Or you think I’ll just have to wait it out? Unfortunately, there are no parks close to me, bc her second favorite thing is swings, and there aren’t any I can walk to, and I don’t have a tree or porch I could put one up in either.

Mama is going a bit crazy here. Also hoping to land a job soon, bc this kid would seriously love daycare. 


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