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Help Feed me Pls. (ideas, thankfully only needed) Edited to complain

I don’t know if you noticed, but I have been having gallbladder trouble this week. (HI HYDROCODONE YOU ARE FUN BUT EXAUSTING). I am finally seeing the surgeon tomorrow to hopefully talk about removal. But, in the meantime I need to feed myself and I am on opiates and can’t think. I got a little too cocky in my trying to eat real food. I went to mushy and healthy I thought, and had salmon and mashed potatoes, which sent me back to bed with the worst pain since my first attack. This was like the first real meal I have attempted, after many soups and jellos and pieces of bread and nibbles of stuff. So I need help writing down things my husband can buy that I can eat that is not peanut butter and jelly or cereal, because that is all I can come up with. Things with low fat, like no tomato sauces please they set off my GERD which is friends with my gallbladder so those two are punks. My husband, bless him, has been awesome with everything else but he is a trained medical professional now so he just keeps saying “No fat, fruits and vegetables”. And I’m like- uh, just buy me some then? I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT man other than real food please- I did not eat for almost four days after the first attack because of the pain and stuff and after the salmon incident last night I am still wanting things other than peanut butter and jelly but I cannot figure out how to put any meals together. HELP ME GIVE ME IDEAS PLEASE. I want to eat food I miss food I apparenlty don’t know how to do diets especially on opiates.

Like do I buy a cucumber and gnaw on that for a week? are salads Ok? can I have dressing? Cheese? Can I have any dessert? I mean jello is nice and all, but any thing else? Are spicy things verboten? Can I just not eat out? HELP ME HIVEMIND!

Please to excuse all of the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other errors, as I am kinda woozy right now as my pain pill just kicked in but I have not eaten a thing since the peanut butter and apricot preserves sandwich I had a few hours ago. Thank god I had non-strawberry preserves in the house.


EDITED TO ADD: Emmer sent me a very helpful link to a “Bland food diet” for people with issues with their gastrointestinal system. Which is very helpful, for sure. Linky Here

HOWEVER, I really really want to immediately complain about all the do not eats. WAAH. List is reproduced below. So “Fruits and vegetables”? Yeah, no WRONG. RAW veggies are not recommended. And pretty much nothing that gives food flavor. BOOOO. WAAAAH.

Foods to avoid

Some foods you should not eat when you are on a bland diet are:

  • Fatty dairy foods, such as whipped cream or high-fat ice cream
  • Strong cheeses, such as bleu or Roquefort cheese
  • Raw vegetables
  • Vegetables that make you gassy, such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, green peppers, and corn
  • Fresh berries and other fresh fruits
  • Dried fruits
  • Whole-grain or bran cereals
  • Whole-grain breads, crackers, or pasta
  • Pickles, sauerkraut, and similar foods
  • Spices, such as hot pepper and garlic
  • Foods with a lot of sugar or honey in them
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Highly seasoned, cured or smoked meats and fish
  • Fried foods

You should also avoid medicine that contains aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin).

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