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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey guys. I am trying to organize a fundraiser for a friend of mine. (trigger warning content after the cut)

She was raped on Wednesday night in her apartment. Since the assault, she doesn’t have a bed to sleep in that she currently feels safe in. I know it’s just one small thing, but I feel like she deserves a place to sleep where she can feel comfortable and at ease, and I believe recovery starts with the basic things. Her mother is a real piece of work and isn’t offering any kind of support right now- she’s borderline, and threatened to call the cops if my friend went to retrieve her old bed (despite the fact that she paid for this old bed) and said it was her fault that she got raped because she moved out of (the mother’s) house. (Mom was emotionally and financially abusive and manipulated her for money on a regular basis, my friend is 20 and scraping by on a part time job while in school.)


Anyway, I want to try and raise $1000 to get her a new bed, a mattress, and bedding. If you guys feel called to donate in any way, I know she would really appreciate it. I just want her to feel supported through this tough time since she doesn’t have any healthy family members around to lean on. Thank you.

(I didn’t put many details on the gofundme page for obvious privacy reasons.)

If you are interested in donating, please email me at natface1988@gmail.com. I will email you the link to the gofundme. It’s linked to my facebook, and I don’t want to doxx myself unnecessarily.

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