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Help, Help! I have Storenvy/Etsy Quality Concerns!

Inspired by the mainpage post on fall shopping, I decided to do some online shopping of my own. So I was looking around the intranets for a cape and came across this.

I absolutely adore it. I also adore practically everything in the rest of the store. However, the prices make me very suspicious. Like this faux-fur lined coat for under $60. Or this really pretty crocheted top for $17.50. And this dress, which is overly cutesy for my style but seems far too intricate to be under $25.


The store info indicates that it ships from China. I know that there are tons of Storenvy stores like this (super trendy SUPER CHEAP clothes shipped from china) and on Etsy as well, though they seem to be pruned out a bit faster over there.

Does anyone have experience ordering from these companies? What is the quality like? I suspect it's not very good, but are the pieces at least somewhat recognizable from their photos?

I've ordered off of Storenvy before, but only from other people in 'merica who are selling single pieces from their own wardrobe with known brand names (i.e. someone in Philly's old J.Crew cardigan or something). All of those purchases have worked out well.

But I'm a lot more suspicious of these too-good-to-be-true items. Advise me, GT!

ETA: I guess it also raises questions about the living wages/ethics, but that's not something I can afford to be too stringent about so I try and not think about it. -_-

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