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Help! How Should I Feel Right Now?....

I have mentioned before that I am a secondary teacher who currently is without a classroom. I teach at a tutoring center, but it's very part time- last week I just had one 2 hour shift.

Lately the center has really sucked, too. The rules are so strict and don't allow for any individuality with the students, and I genuinely don't believe the program works. Plus, our director makes all the teachers feel like we are doing everything wrong, but tells us what to work on in mass emails, so we don't even know what is directed at us. But I stick with it because it will look better on my teaching resume than a retail job.

I have my resume posted on indeed.com. And 2 days ago I got an email from a local middle school principal. He said he reviewed my resume and would like to bring me in for an interview next week. Yay! This could be an answer to prayers, right? Except, of course there is a catch. It's a charter school with the same demographics in terms of income, student/teacher ratio, and testing scores as the school I was teaching in last year. Myself and multiple other teachers had to resign mid-year because the disciplinary issues were so out of control that we couldn't teach, and we didn't feel safe.


After I quit that school, I was really gun-shy about being in a classroom. It took me months just to be willing to sub again. I am terrified that this school will be the same situation, and I can't handle that. I really don't know how to feel or what to think about the prospect of getting a job offer at another failing charter school. Of course, this is assuming they offer me the job. But, I didn't apply for it. The principal found me and personally sought me out, so it looks like chances are good that I would get an offer.

Anyway, please send me all your prayers or good thoughts or good karma or whatever you like. I need peace right now because I am freaking out, and the wisdom to make the right decision.

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