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Help, I am trapped on a runaway train of love and acceptance!

Dear Jezebel,

I have been seeing with my lovely boyfriend for 3 years, 8 months. We moved in together after seeing each other for one year.


My partner has a gigantic, tightly-knit Long Island Jewish extended family. The whole family has been lovely to me from the day we met, and since we moved in together they've basically treated our relationship with the same respect as a marriage.

This summer I introduced my parents to my partner's parents at a very chill, intimate gathering at my partner's parents home. It went extremely well and I thought nothing of it except "fuck yeah family win." Then this week my parents got an invite to Rosh Hashanah with celebrations with partner's extended clan, literally, "as a family."

As I hope I conveyed with my sarcastic title for this post, I'm not complaining. I'm just gratefully FREAKING THE FUCK OUT in the face of all of this love and generosity.

What is the accepted method for celebrating the Jewish new year? Are there special gifts or significant cultural things I need to be prepared for and tell my goy parents about? How do I navigate the first meeting between my parents and my partner's charmingly bonkers extended family? If there has been an awkward question invented, it is going to be asked of them. (Why aren't they married yet!? and When are you going to have babbies!? are par for the course with my aunt-in-law.) Any tips for dealing with the uterus and wedding band related conversational stylings of well-meaning relatives?

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