I'm in grad school right now and currently working way too many hours. I am overscheduled to work every single day of the week. It's too much. Everyone I know agrees it's too much. I work in SAT prep and a lot of the work is going to die down in October when I need to dedicate a lot of time to school.

I'm trying to come up with the best way to get my hours reduced. I don't think they're going to be mean to me about it at work; I've received nothing but support. However, I do feel like I'd be disappointing my employer since I'm one of her favorite peons.


The speech I've thought of saying: "Hey, I really like working here. I have a lot on my plate right now, though, and I feel that reducing the amount of time I spend here will get me back on track with my studies. I simply won't be able to keep working at the rate I am and succeed in school."

Is that too vague? I'm going to ask for cuts on specific days; I need a few days in the week when I can do everything I need to do, or as we called it another job I had, "my get-shit-done day." Currently I have none. I also am trying to go to the gym and take good care of myself, and some point I want to go places and see my friends who live far away from me. My mind is clearly all over the place right now. The reason I'm so reticent to speak up is I've worked for evil employers in the past who balked at even the slightest implication that I had something else to do with my life. I know they're not like that at my work, but OH THE ANXIETY. Please send advice or "You can do it!" kinds of gifs.