That does all of these things well.

  • annotates pdfs, ppts, docs
  • syncs with Dropbox, Box, Drive
  • will let me create documents within it, that I can then sync with Dropbox, Box, and Drive
  • really, that's it. WHY IS THIS SO HARD? I WILL PAY MONEY FOR THIS.

I currently use GoodReader, which only annotates pdfs and syncs, but won't allow me to annotate other things or create documents within it.

iAnnotate PDF costs $10 and doesn't let you do more things than GoodReader, which was $4.

Notability apparently has shitty annotations and only imports ppts and docs as pdfs for annotation, but does do the syncing thing. It appears to allow for creation of notes, but I have no idea what format they're in. I would like confirmation of this interpretation of the reviews.


Any other apps?