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Help! I'm having a job interview crisis situation.

I just came back from a job interview for a part-time HR position at a local call center. I think if it were up to the first person I met with, I'd be hired, but I have to go in for a second interview later today, and the second person I'm meeting with not only knows me, but I'm pretty sure hates me.

I've actually worked at this center before as one of the callers on the floor. This was for about a month three years ago. I ended up quitting the day of my first real shift because the thought of spending hours at a time on the phone gave me so much anxiety I had a panic attack on my way to work.


The thing is, working at this place is a joke in my town. It's the absolute last resort when you can't find work anywhere else. I know quitting is bad, but it honestly happens all of the time at this place. I know the woman who trains new employees, and even she is nonchalant about the high turnover.

Anyway, going back to my second interviewer, he is kind of a hard-ass, and I get the impression he anything but nonchalant about the turnover rate. When I first met him three years ago, I made the mistake of telling him I like working outside and that I had just been laid off from a farm. Then a year later I made the mistake of trying to get a job there again (I was desperate), and he basically told me he wouldn't hire me back because he didn't think I was suited for an office job environment. (I guess he assumed that's why I quit the first time.)

Am I just totally fucked in terms of getting this current job? I want this position so badly; the company that runs the call center is actually a great place to work if you're not a phone slave, plus it's an entry-level office job, which are impossible to find. I know I have the skill set, but I just don't know if I'm going to be able to defend myself to this guy. FML.

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