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Help! I'm stuck!!!

I’ve been sucked down the So You Think You Can Dance rabbit hole, trying to find my own top 10 routines, since their top 10 of the series has some rights limits and such. Of course, so many of my favorites won’t be performed again, But that’s what the internet is for!!! I haven’t watched tonight’s anniversary show yet, because I’m still catching up on last nights. Holy crap, you guys, I think this season might have some greatness in it. Jim + Jaja = AmAAAAzing.

Here’s my top 10, if you are interested. It’s safest if you don’t leave this page. If you do, the next thing you know, dawn will be breaking and you will have watched everything. (it’s happened before.)


10. Heart Asks Pleasure First (Housewives)—Sasha & Melanie

9. Night of the Dancing Flame—Neil & Lauren

8. I Got You—Marko & Melanie

7. Outta Your Mind—Alex Wong & tWitch

6. The Garden—Courtney & Mark (Helloooooo Sonya Tayeh!)

5. So Much Betta—Season 5 Top 10 group dance transformed the stage to another place, and featured the skill sets of the dancers in interesting ways, that wasn’t a “here’s your solo, and here’s your solo, and here’s your.....”; Back before Nigel insulted Wade Robson’s chosen dance style (Pop is not watered-down hip-hop, for the record.)

4. Hip Hip Chin Chin—Danny & Lacey (Dancey!) This is why I love samba. And her fantastic Betty Boop style.

3. Ramalama Bang Bang—Group dance, Season 2 top 20. Put SYTYCD on the map. This routine is why the show is still here.

2. Dancing—Lacey & Kameron. First dance of the Top 20 performance night, and it went all out. This is when I really fell in love with the show. It’s also Mia Michaels’ precursor to the show’s best routine...

1. ...Gravity—Kayla & Kupono. Hits you right in the feels harder & more genuinely than any number before it or since. This is the bar by which all others are judged.

What’s your favorites?? Do share!! There’s so much room in this rabbit hole for everyone

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